Dr Shens - Singapore most renowned korean plastic surgeon
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dr Shens Singapore - Korean plastic surgeonDr. Shens is an extremely good specialist in the field of plastic surgery (plastic surgeon). He started his education with a Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1998. His next step up the ladder was his fellowship at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2002.

Dr. Shens – plastic surgeon

Dr. Shens got introduced to the unique and fascinating world of plastic surgery during his basic surgical training.
This is when he got his motivation to sign in for the advanced specialty training program in Plastic Surgery that the National University Hospital Singapore offered.

Later, Dr. Shens was awarded the Health Manpower Development Program scholarship by the Ministry. He was posted to continue his training in Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetics at the Hanyang University Hospital in Korea.

During his training at the Hanyang University Hospital, Dr. Shens had the chance to acquire a lot of different and unique to the Korean plastic surgery techniques. After his return to Singapore Dr. Shens was able to use and adapt these unique techniques for the requirements of his Singapore patients.

Before Dr. Shens moved to his private practice, he served as a Plastic Surgeon Consultant at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). Even though he is very occupied with his private practice he still maintains his ties to the public healthcare sector by working as a visiting consultant to the TTSH and by teaching at the NUS’ Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Shens As one of Singapore most renowned plastic surgeons

The common procedures are:

  • breast augmentation
  • high definition vaser liposuction
  • fat grafting
  • scarless korean style double eyelid creation
  • scarless eyebag removal
  • nose enhancement

Dr. Shens specialties are also in the fields of eye, face and body contouring.

The serious interest of Dr. Shens in different types of clinical and laboratory researches has granted him a prestigious research funding from the National Medical Research Council in 2005. And from the Young Investigator  Award at the Singapore – Malaysia Congress in 2008. Because of the quality and the importance of his research work, Dr. Shens’ papers have been presented at different international medical conferences all over the world.

His work has also been published in the high impact peer-reviewed journals – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

As a member of:

Dr. Shens has the experience and the capacity to develop more and more innovative techniques in his fields of expertise.

His medical devices and instruments are custom made approved by HSA and FDA for clinical usage which value add to patients with minimum scarring and downtime compared to most other plastic surgeons.