Asia's Love of the Korean Style Double Eyelid
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Asia’s Love of the Korean Style Double Eyelid

Korean style double eyelid

Asia’s Love of the Korean Style Double Eyelid

In the medical profession we call it the blepharoplasty. Our patients know it simply as eyelid surgery. Some refer to it as the Korean style double eyelid job. This is because of the South Korean’s obsession with the Caucasian eye crease. Eyelid plastic surgery is an invasive type of procedure. It’s where the surgeon gets to correct any deformities, imperfections or disfigurations of the patient’s eyelids. For the most part, this is a surgical procedure to beautify the eyes of Asian faces in particular.

Motives for the Asian Blepharoplasty

There are many theories for the motives behind this kind of surgery, though few will admit to them. Some say that Asians opt for the double-eyelid surgery because they want to look “less Asian” or “more Caucasian.” Let’s take Julie Chen, an American TV personality as an example. Some say she had surgery to enhance her chances of a career break. It was her way to look less Chinese. In this case, the surgery wasn’t for reasons of beauty but opportunity. Beauty itself is something which is deeply personal and complex. It’s also in the eyes of the beholder.

Whether we like it or not, the way we look, act, and even the sound of our voice, can all have an influence on lifestyle and prospects. A man with a high-pitched voice, for example, would never get a job as a radio presenter. And a woman with tired looking eyes would probably not find employment as a TV News reader. Whether these things are right or wrong is a topic for another day. For now, we know that looks and persona can have a positive or negative influence, depending how they fall.

The six main reasons why Asian women (and some men) choose double eyelid surgery are:

1. Long-lasting (permanent) results
2. Natural look that is subtle yet notable
3. To remove or repair loose eye skin
4. Boost self-confidence, self-esteem
5. Change in lifestyle and outlook because of point four above
6. Costs of eye-lid surgery among the lowest of all the facial cosmetic procedures

Beware of Price Attraction

Korean style double eyelid in sinagpore

When it comes to the Korean style double eyelid surgery (which isn’t really Korean at all), do not let low costs lure you. Of course you want the best possible price, but overly cheap surgery is usually inexpensive for a reason. The internet is awash with Asian women complaining about the results of their blepharoplasty. One thing a lot of these gripes have in common is that the patients were enticed by unbelievably low prices.

If you’re in Europe or the US, you might want to consider travelling to a developed Asian country like Singapore for your treatment. The reason is because we get to perform lots of these surgical procedures, and that means we have plenty of experience. This is an important point when it comes to cosmetic surgery. At least do some homework so that you can make a better informed decision.

Medical Blepharoplasty vs Cosmetic

Not all eye-lid surgery is for purely cosmetic reasons. Some patients have excessive fat deposits around their eyes that cause problems to the point that the person’s vision becomes impaired. This is obviously the case for the upper eyelids. In general, lower eyelid procedures are for cosmetic enhancements. For medical procedures, post-surgery the patient enjoys better vision and a reduced risk of other, more damaging eye problems later on in life. Even when the surgery is for medical, rather than cosmetic reasons, the patient still has the added bonus of better looking eyes afterwards. That means tighter, elevated skin and an improvement in facial appearance overall.

Plastic surgeries these days are no longer decisions based on vanity alone. Vanity is still up there, but it’s not the only reason. Here are some of the other top reasons why people consider some form of plastic surgery in the twenty-first century:

  • To repair/reconstruct damaged areas after an accident
  • To remove or cover birth defects and unsightly birthmarks
  • Cancer (reconstructive breast surgery)
  • After losing lots of weight (removal of loose, excess skin)
  • Vanity, improve self-esteem / self-image
  • Enhanced sex life
  • To become comfortable in one’s own skin


You’re Beautiful as You Are

double eyelid in singapore

Quite often the person looking to enhance their looks with plastic surgery needs no enhancement. Their big nose might not be big – to other people. And maybe nine out of ten folks when asked, find their eyes attractive. But when it comes to personal looks, it doesn’t matter what other’s think, it’s about you, and how you perceive yourself. If you’re in sound body and mind when making decisions about surgery, then a small tweak can make a huge difference. It can, in a lot of cases remove anxiety, depression and general unhappiness. Your image is yours, it’s what you see when you look into the mirror that counts. But your image of yourself may be the creation of external stimuli, even though you don’t know it. Modern society causes a lot of this. There’s this relentless pressure to look good and compete.

It’s been the experience of those of us who work in this industry that once someone has made their mind up to have surgery, there’s very little that can stop them. The transformation in patients post-surgery can be remarkable. Even when the changes are subtle, the psychological boost that it can give some people is absolutely huge.

The Power of Attraction

Communication always begins with the eyes. They make that all-important first impression. Although it’s wrong and quite shallow, people with good looks do get more opportunity in life. Attractive kids tend to be more popular with other children and school teachers. Attractive job seekers have a better chance of sealing the deal at an interview. They also get to negotiate better salaries. This goes for both men and women. Good looking people seem to get lesser sentences in courts of law too. It’s not surprising why people have become concerned about physical attractiveness. It is something that can enhance all areas of life. Today, more people than ever before at least have an opportunity to improve their looks if they feel it necessary.

Modern-day cosmetic surgery offers the following:

  • New technologies (evolving all the time)
  • Plethora of new non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures
  • Reduced costs
  • Better pre and post-surgery care


Whether you’re looking for Korean style double eyelid surgery or a little work using dermal fillers, it’s all out there. There’s a lot to choose from for anyone who wants to tweak their appearance and give a boost to their image.

Beware of price attention:

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