Beautiful Eyes from the Inside Out
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Beautiful Eyes from the Inside Out

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Beautiful Eyes from the Inside Out

Want to fix droopy, puffy eyes or under-eye bags? Then you will want to know about the scarless eyebag removal options. Any cosmetic surgery procedure that does not show visible signs of scarring is obviously a preferred choice. If you’re looking for minimally invasive eyebag removal, Singapore doctors can help. We have a lot of experience in this area. We continue to perform blepharoplasty surgeries as routine procedures with impressive results. This is not just a surgical procedure for older patients either. Younger adults have more elasticity in their skin and recovery time is faster the younger you are.

We will look at the surgical procedure shortly. Before we do that, I just want to take a moment to explain a little about why eyes are so important to humans.

Your Eyes Defined

Eyes: we all have them but often take our globular organs for granted. Eyesight is not something anyone misses until it becomes impaired. Your eyes allow you to connect with the visible, physical world around you. We’re always looking at someone, something or some place. We do this quite subconsciously most of the time, but we could not function the way we do without vision. From the minute you wake up to just before you fall asleep, your eyes are at work. They’re always collecting information taking in colours, shapes, movements and a lot more besides. Your eyes are constantly talking to your brain. They send it all the information they gather so that the brain can process the data and help you to navigate through your conscious hours.

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The seven basic parts that make up these complex organs include (starting back to front):

1. Optic nerve (nerve which transmits visual data from your retina to your brain)
2. Retina (layer at the back of your eyeball)
3. Lens (translucent structure behind your iris)
4. Sclera (white outer-layer of your eyeball)
5. Cornea (translucent layer at the front of your eye)
6. Iris (flat, coloured, membrane behind your cornea)
7. Pupil (the hole in the centre of your iris)

There’s a bit more to it than that, but these are what form the basic structure of your eyes.

The Anatomy of Attraction

Most people don’t care too much about the workings of their eyes as long as they work. For healthy adults with good or adequate vision, the concerns of their eyes are of a more cosmetic nature than a functioning one. There’s nothing wrong with this either. Beautifying the eyes is something women have been doing since the dawn of time. You can certainly tell a lot about a person by their eyes. Although you may not realize it, we all read the eyes of others. We rely on them to give us unspoken information about a person. They can tell us roughly how old someone is. They can also tell us how a person is feeling, what kind of mood they’re in. Eyes can look sinister, warm and loving, angry, upset and display a whole range of other emotions.

The First Point of Contact

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Despite popular conception, eyes are the first thing a man notices about a woman and vice versa. The larger the pupils are, the more someone is attracted to the other. Men are more attracted to women with larger pupils and women to men. Whenever eye contact lingers between two people, it’s a strong indicator that there’s a probable love match.

So there we have it, the roles of your eyes. You can now see how their physical appearance helps to shape you, and how others respond and react towards you. It’s little wonder why people with tired or ageing eyes want to do something to enhance their appearance. It’s the reason why so many look to eyebag removal. Singapore surgeons understand the importance of eyes, and they know exactly how to lift them up and bring them back to life.

How Scarless Eyebag Removal Works

Your doctor will make a tiny incision inside your mucous membrane. They then remove any surplus fatty tissue before tightening the muscle. How long the procedure takes all depends on the amount of fatty tissues there is to remove. In the majority of cases, patients are under light sedation or local anaesthesia. This is obviously much less traumatic than more invasive surgery performed under a general anaesthetic. In most cases the patient can leave the clinic just two hours after the treatment. There is some recovery time, but how long this is depends on the patient, their age and how fast they heal. Your doctor may suggest you stay off work from anywhere between seven to ten days after the operation.

The Manual Lymphatic Massage

A lot of Singapore’s doctors will suggest a manual lymphatic massage before and after surgery. It’s a great way to prepare your skin for the treatment as it helps to make it more pliable and supple. When the skin is cleaned and healthy before the operation, it responds a lot better to treatment. For post-surgery, lymphatic massage helps to improve the circulation and the flow of any trapped cellular matter (excess blood).

The End Result

Singapore eyebag removal

The end result is younger looking eyes and no visible signs of scarring. It’s a permanent fix. Any new wrinkles that appear around the eye area later on will just be the natural visible signs of ageing. Even with ageing, you shouldn’t see the formation of any large bags after this type of eye surgery. Anyone who feels that a repeat operation needs doing again later in life has that option.

Looking after our eyes from the inside out is important. If you worry that your eyes don’t represent you as they perhaps should do, then you may want to look at some form of eye-lift surgery to bring them back to life.

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