Beauty is not so painful anymore - Dr Shens
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Beauty is not so painful anymore


Beauty is not so painful anymore

As the year progresses and technology advances, the beauty department of the world receives the blessings. Restoring or enhancing beauty is made easier with the invention of non-invasive, non-surgical machines and devices. From enhancing beauty for the face, to the body, there is always a way to go about with it than surgery.

One of the technology advancement benefits that are available today is, ThermiVa. This anti-aging breakthrough device helps to reclaim, restore and revive youth for the lady parts. No blades, knifes and anesthesia involved, ThermiVa uses a unique temperature controlled radio frequency system.

Developed by Thermi, a world leader in thermistor-regulated energy solutions company whose mission is to help women in nonsurgical plastic surgery and dermatology.


ThermiVa uses a special wand applicator, which is gentle and produces heat at the tip. The wand is placed inside the vagina enabling it to tighten the external labial structures and the internal vaginal structure. The treatment gently heat tissue to reclaim, restore and revive the feminine wellness and improves texture, tone and moisture without discomfort or downtime.

Some of the effects of ThermiVa expected are:

  • Noticeable improvement after first two sessions
  • Results that last long
  • Reduction of urine leakage with stronger pelvic wall muscles
  • Prevent vagina prolapse for mature women who has given birth
  • Reduction in size of labia
  • Improvement to the look of labia

ThermiVa treatment is simple and hassle-free with most physicians conducting it as an in-office procedure. The results are immediate and patients are able to resume their daily activities after the treatment without any discomfort. In my clinic, I ensure that all procedures are done with the presence of a female nurse or staff to assure my patients of no foul play.


A continues ones-a-month treatment for three months is required with noticeable improvements after the first and second session. ThermiVa, the solution to youthful feminine privates, cause beauty is more than just a face.

There are other hassle-free, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments available in the clinic these days. These treatments are mostly laser treatments like the Revlite Laser treatment which treats scar revision, tattoo removal, eyebag removal and dark eye circles.

Other non-surgical treatments include fillers with temporary dermal fillers by Juverderm, Sculptra and Radiesse. Fillers are procedures that help to fill up lost volume in the face. Filling up lost volume to the face can also be done by means of fat transfer.

fat grafting

Fat transfer would require liposuction on certain areas and purifying the fats before filling it on other parts of the body. Fat transfer can be done on the breast for an increase in cup size, hollows on the face and also the Brazillian method of butt lift, for a nice perked up buttocks.

There are also minimally invasive treatments such as Threadlift treatment which uses Silhouette Soft Thread for face lift without surgery and Misko Thread Nose lift for a high nose bridge and tip without implants.

In conclusion, enhancing beauty is no longer a painful and costly process. With all these inventions, beauty enhancement has now become a product or service that can come by just around the corner.


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