Dimples Creation for Cuter Looking Faces
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Dimples Creation for Cuter Looking Faces

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Dimples Creation for Cuter Looking Faces

Dimples can look cute on some, although the wearer might see them as a curse. If you don’t have a dimple, or dimples, you probably wished you had. Similarly, some people with dimples would willingly give theirs away if they could. There are those who are so passionate about the “dimple look” that they opt for dimple creation surgery.

What Are Dimples Exactly?

A dimple (technical name gelasin) is just a smallish indentation of the flesh. The ones people deem cute are those found on the cheeks. There is also the dimple on the chin which is a preferred look on a male, though it can appear on either sex. These little hollows can develop over time but they can also disappear with age too. Dimples, for the most part, do enhance a person’s smile and their facial appearance in general, though beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Advocates of the dimple look have this to say about this natural deformity:

  • Dimples attract all the right kind of attention from both genders
  • You belong to an elite group (only 20 percent of us have them)
  • They make people look younger
  • They help to create a flawless smile
  • You’ve got a look that others are willing to pay for (dimple creation surgery)
  • They make you more photogenic


The Downside to Dimples

There are two downsides to deep cheek dimples. One is when the person with them doesn’t think they suit their face. Sometimes a person might only have one cheek dimple, which can bother some people. And the second downside is also the upside which is the “cute factor.” It is something that can result in people not taking you too seriously. You might have noticed how a lot of Hollywood celebrities have dimples (cheek, chin or both). It’s a look that is much sought after.

How They Come Aboutcost for dimple surgery

Dimples, as cute as they might be, are still considered a facial deformity. It’s a flaw in your subcutaneous tissue that causes them. They actually form during embryonic development. Sometimes, a disparity in the assembly of your facial muscle can also result in dimples. In a relaxed state, cheek gelasins are invisible until you bring on a smile. What happens then is that the unusually shorter facial muscles (the deformity) pulls the skin upwards. It’s this short pull which then produces the hollows. In the vast majority of cases dimples are genetic, meaning they are passed down through the generations.

Creating Dimples with Surgery

Dimple creation surgery is becoming quite popular. The good news is that this is a relatively simple procedure when done by a qualified practitioner. In the majority of cases, all that’s needed is a simple local anaesthesia. It’s no more of an ordeal than a dental check-up. What the doctor has to do is recreate this natural deformity in the patient. Here’s how the process looks in brief:

  • A small incision is made on the inside of the patient’s cheek (this is quite painless)
  • Tiny absorbable suture (stitch) gets passed through the inside of the cheek
  • Suture is tied to create dimpling in overlying skin


That’s about it. The dimple surgery cost shouldn’t have any hidden fees as this is a clear-cut process. It will cost a bit more if you want to be put to sleep though, but most people don’t find this necessary. The only downside to this is that there’s a permanent dimple post procedure that can last for a while. This may look odd on some people because a gelasin is not normally visible until the person smiles. In most cases, the permanent dimples will disappear after a few days but they could last for a few weeks in others. How long it lasts depends on a range of factors. Be sure to discuss this at the consultation stage if it’s a concern to you.

Who Is Eligible for Surgery

Basically, anyone who has a pair of unharmed cheeks can have dimple surgery done. However, it’s important to point out that the effects will differ from person to person. Some cheeks will make better candidates than other cheeks. Something else to consider is where to place your dimples. You may already have a good idea, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. Ask the doctor for advice as they will most likely understand facial aesthetics better than you do.

The procedure itself should not take any longer than about 20 minutes. This really is a straightforward process when it’s performed in the right hands. The dimple surgery cost will vary a little between practices and doctors. The most important thing here is to make sure you have the treatment done by a qualified professional.

There is no downtime after the treatment is done. You are free to get up and go home in just the same way as you would after having your teeth cleaned.

The Consultation

dimple creation cost

Although this is a quick and simple operation, you still want to know exactly what you’re getting pre-procedure. For example, you may only want very subtle dimples. If so, make sure you bring this up with the doctor. Likewise, you may also want to go as deep as possible. Again, bring this up to see what your options are. The stitches should be soluble so there’s no need to return at a later date to have them removed. Check that this is the case. Your doctor might also want you to return later just to check everything is okay.

You will be asked about any medications you’re taking. In general, you should not take any of the medications below at least one week before the procedure:

  • Aspirin
  • Motrin
  • Advil (or other NSAIDs)
  • Fish or Krill oil


That’s about it. If you don’t have dimples but would like them, you now have that option. The procedure is quick, painless and straightforward in the vast majority of cases.

Find out more about dimple creation service in Singapore.

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