Here at Last! Natural Body Fat Augmentation
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Here at Last! Natural Body Fat Augmentation

Fat transfer to buttocks

Here at Last! Natural Body Fat Augmentation

Fat grafting, or fat-transfer surgery is becoming more popular as technology and newer techniques develop. It’s quite possible to have the fat transfer to breast, buttocks, eyes and the face. This is a surgical procedure that can work on just about any part of the body that needs a little reshaping and/or extra volume. The best thing of all, from a patient’s perspective, is that this is a minimally-invasive form of cosmetic surgery.

The Common Problem

Breasts are a natural part of the female form. The size, shape and fullness of a woman’s breasts can have a huge effect on her “body confidence.” How she feels about her body often impacts how she feels about herself. The breasts are no different to any other part of the body in that they change as the woman gets older. But it’s not just ageing that can disrupt the physical feel and appearance of a woman’s chest. Sometimes nature can be quite cruel in this respect. Breasts can often lose their shape and appear empty and lifeless. There are also women who have very flat chests. This is not something that affects everyone, but it can leave others feeling “less than,” and insecure.

The three main factors that can alter breast structure include:

1. Ageing process
2. Pregnancy and breast feeding
3. Weight loss (especially sudden)

There are others, but the three above are the ones that have a notable impact on the size, shape and volume of a woman’s breast tissue. Breast implants used to be the only solution for reshaping and resizing the breasts to any notable difference, but not anymore.

Skilled surgeons are now able to perform fat transfer to breast tissue as an effective way to reshape the bosom. It’s also a technique that can provide added volume. Fat-grafting is changing the way doctors perform cosmetic surgery procedures forever. It’s certainly a more natural way forward for breast augmentation than implants are. There is still a place for implants in breast enhancement surgery, but it’s no longer the only option, especially for more subtle augmentations.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Fat transfer to buttocks in singapore

Buttock treatment has been more popular in the Far East than other parts of the world. The reason for this is because Far East Asians tend to have flatter bottoms than other races. The technical term for a buttock lift is gluteoplasty. In the past, the only real option was to use surgical implants. Today we have other options. As with breast augmentation, surgeons can now give more lift, shape and volume to the buttocks too, using fat-transfer surgery. Some patients like to go for the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” though for many others this it a bit too extreme. It requires a lot of fat too.

There are positive advantages with augmenting your buttocks using your own body fat. These include:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Looks natural
  • Feels natural
  • Little chance of rejection
  • High percentage of the fat survives


Regarding that last point, there will always be some fat that doesn’t survive after transfer. In general, whatever fat remains after a three month period is likely to be permanent. The fat that doesn’t make it will probably be somewhere between the 20-30 percent mark, meaning 70-80 percent is an acceptable norm with this type of surgery. Fat survival also depends on the quality of the fat after it’s processed and the individual skill of the doctor performing the operation.

All fat grafting uses the patient’s fat cells (autologous fat). Anyone who has a bit of excess fat to lose is going to be doubly pleased. They get to trim down in one area while building up in another under the same surgery. It’s what you might call a win-win situation. Although fat transfer surgery can be a bit uncomfortable, it’s not a painful procedure.

Post-Surgery Suggestions

singapore Fat transfer to buttocks

Your doctor will advise you to follow a few post-surgery suggestions. The most important of these is to just rest and allow time for the natural recovery process to take place. Typically, the recuperation time is around two weeks from the day of treatment. You will also need to wear a purpose-made support garment for the first three weeks after surgery. This includes night time as well as day. After that, you will continue with the support garment for a further three weeks, but only during the daytimes. That’s about it. You can then go about your days and enjoy your newly shaped rear.

The Fat Donor Site

Where the fat comes from for the fat transfer surgery depends on where it’s available and the patient’s preference. Typical fat donor sites include:

  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Stomach


Other Surgeries Performed by Fat Injection Techniques

Aside from breast and butt surgery, there are other areas of the body that also benefit from this method. In every case the doctor harvests fat using liposuction. They simply take it from the part of your body where it’s available and unwanted. It’s then transferred (grafted via injecting) to the target area. Popular choices include some of the following:

  • Face (to add volume and crease correction)
  • To correct scar areas


Various Risks and Complications Post-Surgery

There are always potential risks for any kind of surgery. This includes non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures too. In the case of fat-transfer surgery, these risks are low. All the same, it’s important to understand what some of the potential complications are. Your doctor should cover all these things with you at the consultation stage. Below are some complications that do happen in some people, although most of these things are quite rare.

  • Asymmetry (not unusual post-surgery, should correct itself over time)
  • Bleeding (unlikely)
  • Excessive fat absorption (correctable by your doctor).
  • Infection (very unusual)
  • Numbness (should only be temporary. If it persists, consult your doctor)
  • Persistent swelling cheeks and under eyes (very rare)
  • Skin irregularity (if this happens it can usually be easily corrected by the doctor)


fat transfer

No one should decide on any cosmetic procedures in haste of course. But it’s comforting to know that there are now faster, safer less painful and more natural options available for all.

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