Why use Fillers when you have Fat? - Dr Shens
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Why use Fillers when you have Fat?

Why use Fillers when you have Fat?

Why use fillers when you have fat?
Autologous (your own) fat grafting has grown in popularity in recent years with increasing demand for injectable tissue fillers and with new discoveries concerning the regenerative capabilities of transplanted fat. Micrografting andnanografting has further improved the survival of fat and effectively integrates the fatty tissue so that they are minimally detectable. Fat grafted in this manner is a safe, long-lasting and natural appearing tissue filler. It is effective in rejuvenating the face, revising scars, and for rejuvenating the hands as well.

Fat Transfer to Face
This process can be completed under an hour. Fat is placed in hollows around the eyes, treating the Dztear troughdz regions and also effectively reducing dark eye rings. The smile lines and flatter cheeks that are a hallmark of an aging face can be lessened and a lifted cheek can be achieved without the need for a facelift or even threadlifts.  A liquid facelift done with fillers is often expensive and only lasts for months. A fat transfer however lasts for years and confers a softer and more natural appearance and also does not have the lumpiness associated with filler materials.

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