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Man boobs, oops!


Man boobs, oops!

Having bigger breast is a blessing for some ladies, but for men, having man boobs is almost bizarre. Man boobs or gynecomastia is not like having a nice beefed up chest muscle. It is actually the opposite of that.

Man boobs or gynecomastia is formed by excessive breast tissue on the chest area of a man. These breast tissues are made of fat deposits and swollen glands. Aesthetically it is a problem as it is part of the body that is hard to shed away by any means of exercise. It is also a medical condition in one way or another.


Gynecomastia causes varies including hormonal imbalance and side effects from certain medications such as injections of steroids for bodybuilders. It can also be caused by obesity and aging. It is not uncommon for Gynecomastia develops during puberty too. However, then the condition worsens or persists through to adulthood, that’s when surgery may be needed.

The treatment for Gynecomastia is surgery. In this surgery, the method is the same as Liposuction. In my clinic, I use the Vaser Liposuction technology with high definition technique. This will help to model the desired shape of the chest.

The Colombian method is equipped with the latest advanced 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction instruments in the market allowing the chest area to be contoured better. The cannula used during this liposuction procedure of the Gynecomastia is the finest and from the latest advance technology. The benefit of the cannula is that it gives minimum scarring and recovery time to be faster.

The Vaser Liposuction technology also helps with trimming fats on other areas. Some common fat problems with men other than gynecomastia is bulging tummy and the love handles. It also allows contouring for the thighs, to balance the look of the whole body.

Vaser Liposuction

With the fats suctioned out, it can be reused and injected into the body for fillers. The fats that are suctioned out will be purified before reinjection for fillers. Some areas of injection includes, facial wrinkle and lines, hollows on face due to lost in volume and even to the buttocks to create a butt lift for nicer body contouring. This method is called the fat grafting.

To prevent swelling, special garments will be provided, if need be, after the procedure. This garment is very fitting yet comfortable to wear and is made of breathable material. It also allows for a better contouring of the body.

Due to it being a surgery, sedation will be required. In my clinic, we have an Anesthetist that will perform the sedation on the patient before I proceed with the surgery.

The effect of this procedure is mostly permanent, however, it is still important for the patient to take care of his own health and have a balance diet to avoid any unnecessary weight gains, which might cause the problem to reoccur again. Again it is emphasized that the liposuction procedure is done for the purpose of body contouring and not major weight loss.

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