Most Common Plastic Surgeries in Asia
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Most Common Plastic Surgeries in Asia

most common plastic surgeries Singapore

Most Common Plastic Surgeries in Asia

In this article I want to look at the most common plastic surgeries. Singapore and the rest of Asia has a few different demands than western countries. But by and large, the requests worldwide for aesthetic surgical procedures are quite similar.

The Reason Behind the Demand

There are all kinds of reasons why someone may not be happy with their face or body more generally. It’s perhaps fair to say that most of us would change something given the change. It might be a little nose reshaping, fuller lips, lager breasts and so on. In the past, people who underwent plastic surgery were, for the most part, the rich and famous. Today that has all changed. Both cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery is far more accessible to those who want it. We now have new techniques, innovative treatments and affordable options to suit all budgets. A lot of newer procedures are minimally-invasive or non-invasive, which attracts many new clients.

Here are some of the most popular types of surgery in 2016:

#1: The Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

most common plastic surgeries Singapore - double eyelid

This is a trend that began in South Korea and soon spread to the rest of Asia and then on to the wider world. It is a treatment that aims to remove what we call the monolids (epicanthic folds). Around 50 percent of all Asians are born with eyelids that don’t fold at the tops. In other words, the eyelids go straight down to the eye. Double eyelids, on the other hand, have a crease just above the eye. Most Asians think double eyelids are more attractive, hence the demand for this surgery. It’s also a lot easier to apply makeup when there’s a crease too.

#2: Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty is surgery performed on the nose. The aim is usually to reshape the nose, making it, bigger, smaller or straighter. Patients may have other requests too. Sometimes the purpose of the rhinoplasty is to make the span of the nostrils narrower. This is a particular demand of Asians. Another common request is to change the actual angle between the nose and upper lip. Rhinoplasty is one plastic surgery procedure that is almost as popular with men as it is with women, at least in some parts of the world. Because the nose protrudes out from the face, patients have to be very cautious post-surgery. They have to be careful not to bump their nose or expose it to direct sunlight for at least a few weeks after the operation. A good nose job can literally transform a person’s entire face.

#3: Breast Augmentation (Boob Job)

most common plastic surgeries Singapore - breast job

In a lot of western countries breast augmentation was, is and continues to be the most sought after plastic surgery of them all. It’s quite popular in Asia too, but it’s not the most desired surgical procedure, at least not yet. The “boob job” is what surgeons refer to as augmentation mammoplasty, but it’s the same thing. This is a procedure whereby we enlarge the patient’s breasts using implants. These implants will either by silicone or saline-filled. The results can be spectacular. Not only do the naked breasts look great but you also get to completely transform your wardrobe. That’s right, lager breasts open up a whole new world in fashion wear. Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery find that new clothing choices alone is a huge and welcome benefit for having a bigger chest.

#4: Rhytidectomy (Face Lift)

It wasn’t so long age when the facelift was the most popular plastic surgery procedure of them all. It still is immensely popular with middle-aged people and older, but there’s not quite the demand there once was. The reason for this is largely due to the plethora of non- and minimally-invasive facial treatments available today. However, anyone who wants a permeant solution, the face lift is still the only way to go.

A traditional facelift includes removing excess fat and tightening existing muscles. Once this is done the surgeon will redrape (pull) the skin tight and close the incisions. The end result is a tighter, more youthful overall appearance. Typically, a traditional facelift greatly improves those visible signs of ageing not only in the face but often in the neck too. It picks up that unwanted sagging that develops in the middle of the patient’s face and helps to smooth out deep creases. Those who opt for a full face lift often combine it with other surgical procedures too so as to make sure they get the best possible outcome. Some of these might include:

  • Addressing the forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Thinning lips
  • Brows
  • Eyes


Depending on the amount of work done, a full facelift can take anywhere from two to five hours to perform. Post-op, it can take the patient somewhere between two to three weeks to fully recover. Doctors also advise their patients to limit the amount of direct sun exposure for several months after the surgery. This is an invasive type of surgery but one that can give the patient amazing, long lasting results. There are quite a few newer, less permanent techniques for enhancing facial feature too. The most popular of these at the time of writing include lasers, endoscopy and special liposuction techniques. The latter is often used to revove facial fat between the patient’s chin and neck area.

#5: Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

most common plastic surgeries Singapore - Mastopexy

The breast lift is a procedure different from breast implants. Sometimes, the patient opts to have both implants and a breast lift at the same time. For women who don’t want or need implants, the mastopexy is a good choice. This is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon aims to correct and modify the woman’s breasts. The focus is on breast size, contour and elevation. This is the perfect choice for women looking to lift up and reshape breasts that are sagging. A typical breast lift will remove any excess skin and relocate the remaining tissues. The surgeon will also move the woman’s nipples if necessary.

That sums up the most popular plastic surgeries in Asia. As technology changes and new treatments become available this list is sure to change over time.

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