My Career: Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation - Dr Shens
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My Career: Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation

My Career: Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation

When you’re an Dzoutsiderdz in the world’s plastic surgery capital working in operating rooms alongside some of the finest surgeons, you’re a much envied person, especially in the eyes of your local counterparts who dream of being in your shoes. Not only do you accumulate a vast amount of skills and knowledge, you’re also privy to some very big trade secrets. I was privileged when I became the first Singaporean plastic surgeon to be awarded the Health Manpower Development Programme scholarship by the Ministry of Health for further training in reconstructive surgery and aesthetics at South Korea’s Hanyang University Hospital back in 2008.

Korea ranks very high in the medical aesthetics field with its many new and advanced techniques. It was an honour and privilege to have such a valuable and rare opportunity. In Korea, there’s a wealth of different techniques and no single solution to any cosmetic problem. I learnt to be versatile and to adapt different styles in order to deliver the best results.

Outside of my clinical work, in 2005, I earned a prestigious grant from the National Medical Research Council. I garnered the Young Investigator’s Award at the Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine. A clinical teacher at NUS Faculty of Medicine, my research papers have been presented at international medical conferences and published in respected journals read by the global plastic surgeon community.

I encountered patients afflicted by breast cancer. I supported them through Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon activities. Having my own private practice at Mount E Novena now exposed me to a different realm of reality. While I was in Tan Tock Seng, the nurses and patient service were own by the hospital.

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