Packing your eye bags away - Dr Shens
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Packing your eye bags away

korean eye bag

Packing your eye bags away

The removal of eye bags refers to the removal of fats from inside the eyelid that causes the bulge under the eye. One of my signature procedures is the Korean-technique scar-less eye bag removal where up till today; I’ve performed more than a thousand of the procedure through the modified Korean technique.

The formation of eye bag is due to the prolonged exposure to gravitational force that pulls the skin as time goes by (aging). The formation of the eye bags is also associated with the lack of sleep, genetics, allergies, stress and the degeneration of collagen. The fat that droops during aging, causes the fat deposits in the eye bags, causing the puffiness of the eyes.

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The Korean scar-less eye bag removal technique is removing of fat from inside the eyelid without leaving a visible external scar. The procedure involves making an access point through the inner lower eyelid, exposing the fat pads. With this, the fat is then removed and stitched up once it’s done.

For this procedure, local anesthesia is applied and can be performed under sedation if the patient prefers to do so. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to complete the procedure and patients are given time to rest before leaving the clinic.

Although eye bags may not cause any serious health related issues, it can however cause a very bad aesthetics problem. For some, the puffiness of the eye bags may not be too extreme and can be treated without having to go through surgery but in some cases, there is no point of return for the eye bags.

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For the non-surgical, non-invasive technique of eye bag removal, I use the Revlite® Laser. The Revlite® laser treatment uses light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growth while improving pores, removing irregular pigmentation and reducing wrinkles and lines. The passing of laser light, penetrates age spots and other pigmentation, breaking these areas apart and absorbed by the skin. These, result in smoother, healthier skin with fewer fine lines, pigmentation and other problems.

The prices for these treatments are below SGD$3000, not inclusive of consultation and day surgery charges. Do contact my clinic and make appointment for consultation for me to assess your eye bag issue and recommend the most effective method for you.

Or, you can try some of these methods I found online. This is a video found on and I claim no copyrights or endorsements of any sort.

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