Popular Plastic Surgeries in Asia Part II
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Popular Plastic Surgeries in Asia Part II

plastic surgery Singapore

Popular Plastic Surgeries in Asia Part II

Technologies and treatments are forever advancing in the world of plastic and cosmetic procedures. As they do, more and more people opt to have something done to enhance their face and body. Not only are these treatments getting better, but they’re coming down in cost as well. If you’re someone who is thinking of having some kind of plastic surgery, Singapore has to be on your shortlist if you’re in the Asia region. It’s a developed country which offers competitive prices using the latest state of the art equipment. Most important of all is that the qualifications and experience so many of Singapore’s surgeons have is second to none. The industry here is also strictly regulated. We cannot say the same thing for many of the other countries in the region.

Five Popular Plastic Surgeries for 2016

In a previous piece I wrote about the seven most sought after plastic surgery procedures in Asia more generally. In this article I cover some of the other popular surgeries. These are procedures which are gaining momentum in the Asia region, and include:

1. Forehead lift (Augmentation)
2. Liposuction
3. Tummy tuck
4. Lip augmentation
5. Breast implant removal

#1: The Forehead Lift

plastic surgery Singapore - forehead lift

The forehead lift might sound a bit strange but it’s really not. As it’s a “lift,” it follows the standard procedure whereby the surgeon first makes small incisions in the patient’s hairline. They then remove any excess skin tissue and then tighten things up. This is a procedure which typically straightens out those visible droops and lines that can really age the upper face. For the record, in medical terms your upper face includes the following:

  • The forehead area
  • Bridge of your nose
  • Primary palate
  • Nasal septum (cartilage and bone in the nose)
  • Nasal pits
  • Alae (the protruding ridge of your nose)


Recovery time needed for a typical forehead lift is anywhere from 1-3 weeks. How long exactly depends on the patient and the amount of work done. One thing that is important is to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for several months. Your doctor will advise you on these matters.

#2: Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure where the surgeon removes fat deposits from the patient’s body using a surgical tube that they insert under the skin. It works by sucking fat out by way of a vacuum instrument. There are many newer, less invasive liposuction techniques available today too. What kind suits what people depends on the surgeon, their equipment and the patient’s needs and expectations. Although modern liposuction methods can remove fat from just about any part of the body, the most common uses for this surgery target the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Upper arms

plastic surgery Singapore - liposuction

Recovery times for liposuction can vary between patient and procedures. This could be anywhere from 1-4 weeks. In some cases, it could take anywhere up to six months before all the swelling has gone down. Many of the lesser invasive techniques not only have shorter recovery times, but they can also help to tone skin and sculpt the body.

#3: Tummy Tuck Surgery (abdominoplasty)

Most would agree that a protruding or overly flabby tummy is not only unsightly but uncomfortable. Clothes don’t fit or hang well for a start. For men, an oversized stomach is the result of eating and drinking too much. It’s often coined the “beer belly” but that’s not always the case. The male gut can also materialize with the prolonged consumption of highly processed foods and sugary beverages. Although men do opt for tummy tucks, it is women who really go for this surgery. In most countries, women will make up over 90 percent of the tummy-tuck clientele. Child birth can really take a toll on the abdomen of some women, as can rapid and excessive weight loss.

This is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the overall appearance of the patient’s stomach (abdomen). It usually involves some removal of excess skin along with the fat, and a tightening of the abdominal muscles. On average, and with the more conventional treatments, recovery time can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

#4: Lip Augmentation

plastic surgery Singapore - lip Augmentation.jpg

Lip augmentation is fast becoming a popular cosmetic procedure, particularly for women. Most people consider fuller lips to be attractive and alluring. The famous pout of Angelina Jolie probably helped to bring lips into sharper focus. Whatever the reasons, lip enlargement is one aesthetic procedure that isn’t going away any time soon. More men are also opting for lip enhancements too. In general though, women value fuller-looking lips more so than their male counterparts.

Surgeons can make your pout more prominent by using special implants. This is a more permanent solution to fillers. The end result is fuller lips that have more body and womanly sex appeal. There is always a little of that inevitable swelling post-surgery too. This will exaggerate the new look even more until it settles down. In most cases, the swelling will disappear completely in 2-3 weeks at the outset.

#5: Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal is not a procedure you hear too much about. You might be thinking why anyone would put themselves through the expense and surgery only to then have the implants taken out? Well, there are many reasons why a woman might want to later downsize her chest. There are three main reasons why this happens:

1. Complications with the implants (discomfort, leaking, etc)
2. Decided that big and busty is perhaps the wrong image for their age
3. Following the latest trend where less is considered more

Regarding that last point, it is well-known celebrities that seem to be leading the way in the downsized chests. Melissa Gilbert, Victoria Beckham Sharon Osbourne and Heidi Montag are just some of the many joining this trend. All these ladies have had their breast implants removed in recent times. Whatever reasons women have their breast implants removed, the good news is that it’s a cheaper surgery than putting them in. There is, however, that inevitable post-surgery recovery time, which will usually last a couple of weeks.

plastic surgery Singapore - breast implant removal

Final thoughts…

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a lot more accessible and affordable today than it ever was. And unlike the past, it is no longer something that benefits only the middle-aged and older. This is thanks to the new wave or minimally-invasive treatments that subtly enhance the finer features of any face. Your reasons for wanting plastic or cosmetic surgery are personal to you. But it is a comfort to know that just about anything is possible should you want it done.

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