Slowing Down the Ageing Process
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Slowing Down the Ageing Process

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Slowing Down the Ageing Process

We age because we grow older, but that doesn’t answer the question of why we age. Physical ageing is not something that any of us can escape from either. People can, and quite often do, look toward wrinkle reduction creams and anti aging solutions to help them look more youthful. These don’t reverse the visible signs of aging of course, but it does appear that way. Cosmetic and surgical therapies can offer viable solutions for a lot of people.

How you take care of yourself internally can affect the way your major organs age too. A qualified surgeon can find it almost impossible to accurately determine the age of a person’s organs. If someone lives on a bad diet for years, and doesn’t take care of themselves more generally, their internal organs can look decades older than they actually are. A healthy 70 year old man could have the internal organs that look as though they belong to a 40 year old. Likewise, an unhealthy 40 year old could have organs that a surgeon would guess are nearer that of a 60 year old. However, this piece is about the visible signs of ageing, so let’s look a little more into that.

Why We Age

The reason why our hair turns grey, skin sags and muscles weaken is actually quite simple. It’s all to do with cell death. And when cells die that triggers systems to malfunction. This is an ongoing process and one that we have so far been unable to stop. Hair is one of the easiest things to treat using simple hair dyes. The reason hair turns grey with age is because the pigment cells in your hair follicles start to die. Your hair pigment then becomes transparent to some degree, and this is when shades of grey up to white begin to appear. For your muscles there is the death of muscle fibres. As this happens, limb strength weakens. After the age of 50, we can expect a loss of muscle fibres of around 10 percent every 10 years. Here are a few other interesting facts as to why we age with time:

– Neurons (nerves) connected to muscle fibres die
– Neurons in the brain start to die
– Your brain shrinks at about 2 – 3 percent every 10 years

Living and Lifestyles

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Some people are just unlucky in that their genes result in premature aging. It’s one thing getting older, but no one wants to have to deal with looking much older than their years. For the most part, how fast a person ages, and to what extent, is often down to living and lifestyle. Someone who drinks a lot of alcohol, smokes and parties over many years is not going to look as fresh-faced and youthful as someone who doesn’t do these things.

Sun, or more specifically sun bathing, is yet another of those things that advance the visible signs of aging. By the time sun worshipers reach middle age, they will spend a lot of time looking for wrinkle reduction solutions. Skin really does take a pounding when exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays over the long term. The problem with this is that the damage doesn’t materialize until many years later. Once it does start to show, the premature ageing process can occur pretty quickly.

How to Slow Down Ageing

We know that poor living and lifestyle contributes toward premature ageing. It can also cause more severe physical signs of ageing too, such as extra wrinkles and much looser skin. The solution therefore is clear: live well and age gracefully. The way to do this is the same simple solution as all the other healthy living guidelines. You just have to get more physically active and eat well. Anti-aging treatments are generally more responsive in people who grow older in a healthy way. Those who age “prematurely” because of poor lifestyle, tend to have more extremes in low quality skin. The good news is that no one is beyond repair, at least from a cosmetic perspective. To some extent, creams and lotions can help to minimise fine lines and mask wrinkles. For semi-permanent and permanent solutions, the answer lies in surgical treatments. These come in three forms:

1. Non-invasive
2. Minimally invasive
3. Invasive

Plastic surgery has come a long way in recent years in terms of procedures, choices and costs. Today, there are all manner of solutions to suit all kinds of people. For the non-invasive and minimally invasive options, the results can be truly remarkable. The downside is that they will need periodic maintenance. How often that maintenance is required will depend on the type of treatment and the individual patient. Dermal fillers used to smooth out lines and wrinkles, for example, are going to last a lot longer than BOTOX injections. Dermal fillers are not as long lasting as an invasive facelift though, which is permanent of course.

Who Cares

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Younger looking skin is not only tighter it’s visibly more attractive to the eye. People who start to age care about what they look like because it makes them feel better about themselves. And when someone feels good about themselves it means they function better, both at the physical and emotional level. Yes, there’s a degree of vanity in there too, but that just means people take pride in their appearance and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Types of Anti-aging Solutions

Aside from cosmetic makeup there are plenty of anti-aging procedures available today. Most focus on the head and face but some people also want other body parts to appear more youthful, such as buttocks, breasts, hands and arms, etc. Here are some of the popular options that people get to choose from in the twenty-first century:

– Botulinum toxin
– Brow lift
– Chin Surgery
– Dermabrasion
– Dermal fillers
– Ear surgery
– Eyelid surgery
– Facelift surgery
– Facial implants
– Fat transfer (fat grafting)
– Hair replacement
– Laser skin resurfacing
– Microdermabrasion Treatments
– Neck lift
– Permanent makeup
– Rhinoplasty (nose job)
– Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing

You can’t stop the ageing process, no one can – yet – but you can slow things down by living well and taking good care of yourself. You can also maintain your good looks with skilfully applied makeup. Or, you could go for the more permanent and semi-permanent options that are available today. The point is there are choices, and that gives a lot of comfort to a lot of people.

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