Teenage Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore Grows by 30 Percent
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Teenage Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore Grows by 30 Percent

Teenage Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore Grows by 30 Percent

Cosmetic surgery was once something that only older people considered or those with disfigurements that needed some correction. This could include things such as birth deformities or damage caused by accidents of some kind. Today there is a new clientele and it’s from a controversial demographic. Younger people, including early teens, are seeking to enhance their facial features. One of the main reasons for this is the media, in all its forms. TV and glossy magazine ads can have a huge influence on young minds. A lot of under-25s in Asia are looking particularly at eye bag removal. Singapore has seen about a 30 percent increase in recent years. Many older people believe it is wrong and think there should be some law to prevent cosmetic surgical procedures in very young people.

Understanding the Cause

There’s also a lot of misconceptions and ignorance out there among younger people. They come looking for eye bag removal without understanding what the underlying cause is. More often than not, eye bags in teens and 20-somethings are temporary. They are certainly not due to ageing. Fatigue and lack of sleep, or quality sleep, can give anyone dark circles under their eyes. In these cases, the solution is not surgery for eye bag removal. Singapore aesthetic doctors and surgeons have to explain to young women what the media fails to report. They make clear what it is that causes under-eye bags on younger faces. Here are some of the most common:

  • Swelling (which causes shadows) from allergies is one of the main causes
  • Genetically predisposed (passed down through families) is another top cause
  • Volume loss (not usually a problem in a young, healthy person)
  • Pigmentation change caused by sun damage or unusually thin skin
  • Insufficient bone support along the top of the cheeks
  • This is also not usually a problem with younger eyes unless there’s a deformity

 eye bag removal in singapore under 18

In Singapore, eye bag removal surgery is not a standard routine for anyone under 18 unless they meet certain conditions. Even then, the procedure will only go ahead if:

1. The patient has parental consent
2. The doctor thinks it’s absolutely necessary

Doctors generally discourage facial cosmetic procedures when the individual is still developing. If the surgery does get the go ahead, the procedure is often volume replacement. This involves very careful fat transfer by a skilled pair of hands. The aim is to replace the volume that is causing the hollow look in the patient. Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can produce great results in such cases.

Watch Out for Micro-Analysis Mode

A lot of South East Asians are born with a lack of support in the mid-face region. Even so, this is not usually noticeable to anyone but the individual. However, when there is a lack of support in this area at a young age, it will usually worsen as the get older. It will become more notable early on, causing darker circles in mid to late twenties or early thirties. This is a much better time to consider cosmetic eye surgery, when it’s a more visible problem.

The dilemma with young people (especially early teens) is that they often go looking for things that are not noticeable to others. Perhaps they see some TV show or read an article in a glossy fashion magazine. They then get into micro-analysis mode, looking for imperfections using a magnified face mirror. We see a lot of such cases. What we know about this is that whenever someone goes looking for facial imperfections they will always find something, whether it exists or not.

Other Surgeries Popular with Youth

eye bag removal in Singapore

Young women in their late teens and early twenties are more informed. They certainly have a better understanding of what they want from cosmetic surgical procedures. Compared to just 10 or 12 years ago, Singapore cosmetic clinics have seen a sharp increase in requests for the more invasive cosmetic procedures. The Asian blepharoplasty, or double eye-lid treatment, is hugely popular. Liposuction is also in a lot more demand too, thanks to newer, safer less painful techniques. These include:

  • Laser-assisted liposuction
  • Tumescent liposuction
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction


The Obsession with Beauty

Youth is beautiful and often needs no enhancement. It’s quite sad to see young kids obsess about their looks when they should just be getting on with their life, enjoying being young. Unlike young adults, a 14 year old doesn’t really know what she wants. She might think she does, but in most cases they have no idea. A lot of this influence comes from the media, and in particular celebrities and idols that have had a certain procedure done. The current K-pop (Korean pop) phenomenon has fuelled a lot of this unhealthy obsession for perfection. It’s a particular problem in the early-teens and even pre-teenagers. The slogan often branded about is “Pretty in Plastic.”

Pretty in Plastic!

Cosmetic surgery has its place. It helps to enhance the looks and lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world ever year. But it is not something that should be encouraged in young girls and boys. It’s not only the Korean youth that has become preoccupied with the K-pop prodigy; it’s something that is sweeping across the whole of Asia. There is no doubt that K-pop is encouraging the growth of this worrying trend in teen plastic surgery.

Visit any of the popular K-pop fan websites and the problem is evident. There’s this never ending chatter on how these pop idols managed to attain their flawless facial features. They are what you might call picture-perfect. There was even an article in The Economist that reported on the problem. The piece said that South Korea has emerged as the most-cosmetically augmented nation on earth. They’re probably right too. But it’s spreading, and the demand for facial enhancements by the very young in particular is becoming a worrying trend.

Summing Up

doing eye bag removal in Singapore

It’s important to encourage young people to just enjoy being young. Help them to focus on what they have rather than what they don’t. Society as a whole has a responsibility to help shape the minds of its children. Zoom in on the talent and zoom out on the looks. There is plenty of time and opportunity to tweak one’s appearance when the time is right, and more often than not, a person’s youth is not that time.

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