The Development of Female Breasts
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The Development of Female Breasts

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The Development of Female Breasts

As a girl grows into a young woman she often asks that age old question: are my breasts normal? It’s a question that women continue to ask as they age. They ask it because breasts are totally unique to the individual. That means the size, shape and feel of a woman’s chest and its nipples can be totally different to that of others. Unless there’s some obvious deformity, all breasts are normal irrespective of their structure or size. They might be unusual, but they’re certainly not abnormal. Breasts also continue to develop and change throughout a woman’s life. We get a lot of requests for breast augmentation surgery in Singapore. This isn’t usually to fix abnormalities, it’s to enlarge and/or enhance what’s already there.

Inherited from Parents

You can’t make your breasts bigger or smaller with home remedies. Only surgery can do that. You inherit your chest from your parents and that means it is genes that determine how they turn out. You can still take good care of them though, just like any other part of the body. Most women prefer to support their breasts with a good bra. The bigger they are, the more important this is. All breasts contain the following four elements:

– Fat
– Glands
– Connective tissue
– Fluids

Whenever a woman sits or stands, gravity can place a lot of strain on her breasts. A good bra support will help to keep them comfortable and in the best shape. The bigger the breasts are, the more important it is to support them.

Uneven Breasts

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Having uneven breasts is something that worries a lot of younger women who are not yet fully developed. It’s important to understand that it’s quite normal and common for one of your breasts to be bigger than the other. This is especially common while they are still growing. In most cases, breasts tend to even out as a young woman matures into adulthood. It’s still common for one to be bigger than the other after you’ve stopped growing. The difference is often negligible though, and not noticeable to others. You may also find that one of your breasts sits slightly higher than the other. Again, this is not unusual and not obvious to anyone but you. A good bra can also help to even out any differentiation in an uneven chest.

Stretch Marks

We do not only see stretch marks on breast feeding women. Sometimes, in some young women, the breasts start to develop much quicker than normal. When this happens, stretch marks can materialize as narrow streaks or stripes on the skin. It’s not unusual to see these develop during puberty too, and also during pregnancy. In actual fact, puberty is a time when stretch marks can show up on other parts of the body as well. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. As the girl matures, these marks usually fade into nonexistence. If they do prove to be a bit stubborn, there are various creams that can help them to fade quicker. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised can help. Still, there is little anyone can do to prevent stretch marks from appearing during puberty.

Lumpy or Smooth Breasts

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As breasts develop then can feel perfectly smooth, lumpy, or a bit of both. Though lumpy breasts may feel odd, it’s still quite a normal part of the development process in some young women. Any lumpiness may become more noticeable around the time of her menstrual cycle. This usually settles down soon after it’s over though. Once your breasts are fully developed, it’s important to check regularly for any new lumps that appear. It’s advisable for all women over the age of 20 to start conducting self-examinations of this kind. It’s quite normal for breasts to have some kind of hardness or lumps, so it’s important to understand how to check your own and what to look for. There is plenty of advice and guidance on how to perform these checks. Here are some points to consider:

– Get to know your own breasts and what’s “normal” for you
– View your breasts in the mirror as you inspect them
– Understand what changes you’re looking out for
– If you find any irregularities report them to a doctor without delay

Routine screening is not a requirement in women under 50 unless she’s in a high risk group for developing breast cancer.

Accessory Breasts

This is not a common condition but extra breasts and nipples do occur in some girls. Obviously no female wants an extra breast, or an extra pair of breasts. These so-called accessory breasts typically show around the lower armpit area. Although they can appear during puberty, in most cases they are present at the time of birth. Accessory breasts are not painful or life-threatening. However, they can cause anxiety and embarrassment for some people. Anyone who has accessory breasts or extra nipples should talk to a medical professional if they affect their mental wellbeing.

Excessive Breast Growth

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A minority of girls will experience excessive breast growth. In this case the breast tissue grows overly large and is completely out of proportion to the rest of her body. The medical name for this condition is breast hypertrophy. It may happen as a result of an increased sensitivity to female hormones, though no one fully understands the actual root cause. Big breasts can cause both physical and psychological problems. This is not a condition that diet and exercise can cure either. Any girl who has breast hypertrophy may want to look at surgery to reduce the physical size and volume of her breasts. This is a procedure called a reduction mammoplasty.

The Nipples

Some women might be okay with their breasts yet loathe their nipples. Like the breasts, nipples are also unique to the individual and come in various shades, shapes and sizes. Your nipples can:

– Be large or tiny
– Inverted
– Pale or dark colored
– Not match (look different on each of the breasts)
– Point straight ahead, point up or point down

There are even surgical procedures which deal with just the nipples. Women who have had their breasts removed (mastectomy) often have nipple reconstruction surgery. There are also lots of requests to change the appearance of nipples purely for cosmetic reasons. Doctors perform most of these procedures using a local anaesthetic and maybe a sedative. One of the most common nipple surgeries is to correct inverted nipples. Others are to enhance, correct or reduce the nipples or areola. It’s not possible to change either the size or shape of your nipples with home solutions.

The Development of Female Breasts –

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