The Secret Life of Lips Uncovered
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The Secret Life of Lips Uncovered

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The Secret Life of Lips Uncovered

The human lips: We all have them but rarely give them too much thought, that’s unless they bother us in some way. They are also things that we couldn’t do without. If you didn’t have lips, you would run into all kinds of disruptions in everyday living. And like any other aspect of our facial features, if we don’t like the way our lips look, they can upset us just as much as wrinkles, baggy eyes or a big nose. For these reasons, some people look to lip augmentation surgery as a way to improve the shape and volume of their lips. Others might have the size of theirs reduced. We’ll look more into the aesthetic side of things shortly.

Why You Would Miss Your Lips

It’s not possible to miss a thing until it’s gone. Ask anyone why they need their lips and the answers are not usually forthcoming, at least not until after a little deliberation. It’s one of those questions like “why do men have nipples,” or “why do we need toenails,” etc. There are answers to all these things, but no one’s asking so no one gets to know.

Here are some of the main things you couldn’t do without your lips:

  • You couldn’t chew food with your mouth closed, or swallow
  • Babies wouldn’t be able to suckle on their mother’s breasts
  • Communication and expression would become awkward (vocal and body language)
  • The smile as you know it would be gone
  • Kissing wouldn’t be the same at all (less soft, less sensual and less meaningful)
  • You wouldn’t be as attractive (bigger is generally considered better)


There’s more, but you get the idea. We need our lips, we just do. Here are eight interesting facts about the lips that may surprise you:

1. Only the lips of humans have a distinct outer border, which makes them unique
2. Humans’ haven’t always used lips for kissing (some cultures still don’t)
3. Women with red lips are more attractive to men
4. A condition called Bell’s palsy can paralyse the lips
5. Lips do not sweat
6. Blood gives lips their reddish hue
7. The skin covering the lips is the thinnest of all human skin
8. Lips become thinner as we agelip augmentation in singapore

Some people also use their lips to hold things, without giving it a second thought. It might be for holding onto clothes-pegs (clothespins) when hanging out the washing. You often see construction workers holding onto a few nails with their lips too. As you can see, there’s a lot going on in any given day that needs those lips of yours.

Looking After the Lips

Lips in general take a lot of abuse, not least because of their location, protrusion and lack of protection. They don’t have any oil or sweat glands like other parts of the body either, which is why they can easily dry out. Furthermore, your lips are always exposed to irritants. Here are just a few of the things that challenge the health of them every single day:

  • Foods and drinks
  • The tip of your tongue
  • Environmental contaminants
  • The weather

This list could go on of course. It all depends on the individuals work, geographical location and lifestyle in general. For these reasons, it’s important that you take good care of your mouth, though it’s one area that a lot of people do neglect. We actually bring on a lot of the dryness, irritation and hurt ourselves. Constantly licking the lips and breathing with a wide open mouth don’t help. These are things that contribute towards dryness and irritation.

Share with Caution

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Sharing your lips with others, especially those you hardly know, exposes them to all kinds of potential dangers. In western nations, almost 90 percent of people have experienced cold soars (herpes simplex 1 viruses) by the time they’ve reached 50. There are all kinds of other nasty viruses, bacteria and fungi that can enter into the tiny cracks in the lips’ delicate thin skin.

A Crucial Part of You

 We’ve looked at what our lips are and what they do for us. Now let’s look briefly at the beauty aspect. People can be just as attracted by lips as any other facial feature. Writers often use words like alluring, luscious, juicy, pouty, puckered and seductive to describe them. They are a part of who we are. An attractive pair of lips can draw the attention of both sexes. Similarly, unattractive or overly small and thin lips can make an otherwise attractive face less appealing or photogenic. This is why a lot of people nowadays, and women in particular, opt for some kind of lip augmentation treatment. Let’s look at some of the popular options and what they entail.

The Lip Implant

This is a permanent solution for creating fuller, plumper lips. These permanent implants come in many different materials. The doctor will discuss options with you at the consultation. Each product has its advantages and its disadvantages. Because we’re all unique, what works best for one person might not necessarily be the best match for someone else. This is why consultations are so important. A lot of these implants are solid, though soft, silicone materials. They can produce some incredibly beautiful lips when an experienced pair of hands performs the surgery. The advantage of lip implants is that the surgeon can easily remove them at a later date if the patient decides they no longer want them.

The Surgical Solution

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This will give you permanent results for sure. Most of this type of surgery takes around one hour and uses a local anaesthesia. A skilled surgeon can create a near perfect look by adjusting the volume, shape and form of the patient’s upper, lower or both lips. It’s a precise procedure and one which allows you to control the outcome. You get to state exactly how full your lip(s) should be, and where you would like your new lip line to go.

Natural Lip Enhancement

This can be a semi-permanent to permanent option for achieving more youthful lips that are plumper, fuller and riper. Your choices are either dermal fillers of fat-grafting. The latter uses fat from your own body which the surgeon transfers to rebuild your lips. Either of these techniques is safe and effective. A skilled surgeon should be able to provide you with a stronger cupid’s bow, more volume, a stronger border and more pout. Obviously you get to request the look you want at the consultation. As long as your requests are realistic, the only thing remaining is for you to make the decision and schedule a day for the treatment.

Dermal Fillers Vs Fat Grafting

The treatment you choose will depend on a number of factors that your surgeon will discuss with you. Though dermal fillers are a great choice, fat grafting is perhaps the best option in most cases. This is because your own fat is totally natural. Your body fat will replenish what’s lacking in your lips. In general, fat transfer offers a more permanent solution than dermal fillers. How long it lasts and how good it looks is in the hands of the injector. For this reason, be sure to do your homework. Choose a surgeon who has experience and check that he has glowing testimonials for lip augmentation procedures to support his claims.

You won’t miss your lips –

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