Why the Demand for Neck Lift Surgery?
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Why the Demand for Neck Lift Surgery?

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Why the Demand for Neck Lift Surgery?

For a lot of women, the biggest concerns they have with the visible signs of aging include the face, neck and hands, in that order. The “turkey neck,” as they refer to it, is one part of the body that seems to age almost overnight. Once the eyes focus on that collapsing skin under the chin, they stay focused, at least until something is done about it. During the early signs of aging, disguise is usually the best weapon (see below). Today, more women than ever are opting for a full neck lift. Singapore is a small country with a big reputation for groundbreaking plastic surgery. It is famous for its cosmetic specialists; surgeons who are incredibly skilled at turning back the clock on aging skin.

Wrap, Circle, Conceal

If surgery is not an option right now, then disguise is your best ally. Women in particular feel that their sagging neck can ruin an otherwise great outfit. A good way to dress up an outfit is to use a classic loose outer garment, or wrap. Choosing the right wrap draws attention away from an aging neck area. Some women choose to use the wrap to cover the entire neck. Infinity scarfs are also popular with women of a certain age. They not only look smart but they cover (circle) the entire neck. A turtleneck (polo neck) sweater is a clever way to conceal an unsightly neck. Obviously the climate needs to be right for wearing sweaters. Simply choose a garment which covers up to your chin and you won’t have think about your neck for the whole day. The only downside to wrap, circle and conceal techniques is that the aging, loosening neck is still under there, and women know it.

Why the Neck Ages

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The reason why the neck wrinkles and loosens so fast is down to a few factors:

– Neck skin is slightly thinner than face skin
– Skin loses its elasticity because collagen bands break down below the surface
– The muscle and skin tissue is weaker than that of the face
– Necks are often the ‘silent victim’ to sun damage
– The way you sleep can contribute to more neck wrinkles

The Neck-Skin Issue

When you age, your already thin neck skin becomes even thinner. As this happens, the neckline can eventually disappear or at least become less pronounced. It’s when the skin on the neck starts to sag and develop fine lines and deeper wrinkles that women get most concerned. For some women, a rapidly aging neck seems like a cruel twist of fate, it’s as if nature is playing an unkind and pointless trick. Over time atrophy (gradual decline) affects us all, but it doesn’t happen at the same rate.

It’s not unusual to see some women whose neck looks 10 plus years older than her face, and that’s a problem. The quicker a neck loses its elasticity, the more prone it is to the premature aging process. The result of this is the visible appearance of white lines (stretch marks) and indentations. In other words, the neck just becomes this mass of loose, shapeless, lined skin. It just hangs there under the head, detracting from your finer features.


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If you’re reading here, you might already have a neck that is unsightly to you. Perhaps you’re looking into your options and considering a surgical neck lift. Singapore is the place to go if you’re in the Asia region. If not, then look for a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon closer to home. We will look at some options shortly. If you’re reading here because you are concerned about your neck and want to slow down the physical signs of aging, here are some things you need to know:

– Skin starts to slowly thin around the mid-20s
– A good skin care routine early on in life helps to slow down the aging process
– Apply sunscreen to the entire neck area of at least SPF 15 when outdoors
– Avoid all tobacco products as smoking promotes premature ageing and deeper wrinkles

Negligence is what causes most of those early neck wrinkles. Sun damage is a major contributor too, as is the build-up of toxins which slowdown your body’s natural anti-aging processes. Everyone pays a lot of attention to their face but the poor neck is one area that many neglect. Your neck needs just as much tender loving care as your face. Be sure to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and sunblock your neck. Look after it in much the same way as you do your face; your skin will thank you for it.

Not Life Threatening

Of course an aging neck is not life-threatening in the physical sense but it can still make a person unwell. The psychological impact that an unsightly neck can have on some people can cause plenty of undue stress and anxiety. It can even have an effect on socialisation skills to the point where the individual lacks confidence and self-worth. When this happens, they may choose to stop interacting with others because they become too self-conscious. The neck is such a large and visible area, and that is why it becomes the cause of so much concern for a lot of women. So although it’s not life-threatening, it can be soul-destroying in some cases.

Surgical Solutions neck lift available in singapore

Although the neck is not the easiest part of the body to treat with plastic surgery, it is still quite doable. The secret here is to get a surgeon with a skilled pair of hands to carry out the procedure. The neck lift (technical term platysmaplasty) is by far the most popular treatment for lifting a sagging neck or turkey wattle. The surgeon removes all the excess muscle fibres (platysma) and then works at tightening the neck muscle. The end result is one where all the loose skin along your jawline is gone. A good surgeon will leave you with a neck that has smoother, tighter skin which is free of wrinkles. Your new jawline will have more definition, thus giving you a fresh, rejuvenated look.

Apply Sun Block – https://expertbeacon.com/sites/default/files/learn_how_to_properly_apply_sunscreen_for_optimum_effectiveness.jpg

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